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Mammoth Ivory

My main influences in creating this jewellery are drawn from a passion for tribal art, nature and metamorphic shapes in design.

All my Ivory is sourced from legally and ethically bound companies, and is certificated in accordance to CITES, DEFRA & USFWS

There are ways to identify genuine mammoth ivory from faux or non-mammoth ivory, Elephant Ivory and Mammoth Ivory share a unique grain pattern known as Schreger Lines. These lines can help to identify if a piece is elephant or mammoth ivory. The test itself is actually only 100% accurate when viewing a complete section of the tusk and using the measurements on the outermost section of the tusk. Perhaps the best way to tell the difference is to know the sources you buy from and make sure that they know their sources. The whole tusks travel the world accompanied by inspection certificates that certify the material and subsequent certificates are issued for the final products carved from the tusks. Below are some pictures to help you identify your items.

Elephant IvoryMammoth Ivory



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